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FileCompare XP

Version 2.0   No Registration Required
16-Mar-2004 2,000 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Freeware Full Demo
File Compare XP compares pictures for duplicates no matter what they are named !
Published by DEMsoftUSA.com FileCompare XP Home Page
Do you collect tons of pictures off the web like I do? Then you will want this program... This easy to use software will compare a folder (directory) to another directory AND/OR check the Sub-directories against the 'Master Folder' for duplicate pictures!

>Easy to Use

>Fast and dependable

>Won't let you delete/move your originals

>Small and compact file

So, there ya go... Move 'em or Delete 'em as easy as one , two , three!

Works great to get rid of pics you have multiple copies of that are named differently, and you know how often the same pics are out there...

If your a pic collector e.g. Band photos etc., you know what I'm talking about so Get it , Use it and send me an email telling me what you think!

is an individual private developer of useful software, NO SPYWARE or TROJANS ever...just good stuff.

Let me know what you think of this software.

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