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28-May-2003 13,329 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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VRbrochures are next generation virtual tours. Create rich-media electronic brochures with VR images, plans, and virtual walkthroughs, by integrating 360 panoramas, 3D objects, slideshows, photos, maps/floorplans & text in a graphical template.
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VRbrochures are the next generation of internet virtual tours: rich media electronic brochures containing immersive panoramic & 3D images, virtual walkthroughs, interactive plans & virtual movies.
A step beyond simple flat photos or the single "spin around a room" panoramic images, VRinspection software allows you to produce the web's most compelling interactive imaging & virtual tour presentations.
You can now step inside 360 panoramas, pick up & rotate 3D objects from within the panoramas; use the interactive floorplan & linked images to walk from area to area, zoom into features for more detail, or view the virtual movie for an interactive guided tour.
Designed for the requirements of industry professionals, the Professional Suite also allows you to customize logos, icons and templates to create a custom-branded solution.
Without requiring technical or graphic design expertise, the simple and intuitive tree structure authoring system allows you to:
- Integrate different media elements, incl. 360 panoramas, 3D objects, slideshows, photos and detailed text, with maps and floorplans, into multi-page presentations, with email and printing facilities,
- Automatically generate slideshows, as well as panoramic & photo thumbnail images,
- Link all images together to create a virtual walkthrough and a guided virtual movie,
- Access an extensive library of customizable VRbrochure template designs
- Create your own unique virtual inspection brand & VRbrochure products by customizing icons, logos & branding
- Easily publish VRbrochures for online or offline viewing
With applications from property and tourism presentations to interactive 3D product catalogues, newsletters and corporate training, the VRbrochures provide the most complete on-line inspection and visual documentation experience available.

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