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Paraben's HTML Editor

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07-Mar-2002 2,633 K Win 3.X/95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Try a powerful code-based HTML editor packed with features.
Published by Paraben Corporation Paraben's HTML Editor Home Page
An HTML editing tool loaded with features like syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, ASP, JavaScript and VBScript to make reading your code easy. Right-click tag editing allows you to edit already existing tags with just one mouse click. Reduce your typing with TagComplete and TagInsight tag completion. Preview your web pages while you code with the click of a button (requires external browser). Includes Paraben's FTP Madnes, a full-featured FTP client. HTML Tidy quickly cleans and corrects your HTML. RTF (Richtext) import: Allows you to design the page formatting in a word processor first. Includes a set of JavaScripts for easy use within the program. Use the table assistant to easily create tables in HTML code. Import data from any spreadsheet application using the table assistant. Link checker checks for dead links. File Weight tool shows how long it will take for you page to load. Spell-checker has LiveSpell support checks your spelling as you type! Get information about the tag you're about to edit using TagInfo. Get instant help on every tag using TagHelp. The Style Sheet Assistant helps you to quickly create correct Style Sheet code. 50 extra DHTML scripts for registered users. Perform text searches using regular expressions. Dialogs give information about tags making it easier to use more advanced HTML code. URL assistant helps you to quickly stick your URLs together. Includes a JavaKit with applets that are ready to run. Supports the Java tags applet and param. Project support allows you to organize all of your HTML documents in projects and then load all of those files with one single mouse-click. (compatible to WebEdit projects). Almost every entry field, listbox etc. has tooltips providing an explanation of the purpose or usage of the element. With the auto tag removal feature you can easily strip HTML tags from the text. Choose between lowercase or UPPERCASE tags. Easily export your HTML pages to Perl, C CGI or JavaScript functions. Export to Unix or Mac.

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