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Version 5.0.1   Online Registration Not Yet Available
10-Aug-2001 179 K Linux; Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Turns your MP3 music into true 3D stereo (with two-speaker system only), corrects sound of your headphones, and much more...
Published by 4Front Technologies OSS/3D lite for WinAmp/XMMS Home Page
OSS/3D comprises of a set of 3D audio algorithms that provide stereo seperation, spatialization, depth perception, bass boost, and speaker correction. Such technologies while currently available as separte products cannot match OSS/3D's abilities to chain such effects and algorithms into a pipeline architecture. OSS/3D works with standard 2-speaker based soundcards.

Currently MP3 players provide a very mediocre sound on a pair of standard headphones or a computer speakers. But with OSS/3D these same players can be made to sound like true home stereo audio equipment.

"With the introduction of OSS/3D for Winamp, 4Front Technologies intends to showcase its proprietary 3D audio technologies to a wide audience. These technologies will be available to audio appliance manufacturers who wish to
provide more feature rich audio products and provide a product differentiation in a market that is mostly saturated with standard stereo audio output", said Dev Mazumdar, president of 4Front Technologies.

More information on the OSS/3D is available at http://www.oss3d.com and the Plugin for Winamp can be purchased online at an introductory price of $10.00.

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