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Version 2.5   Online Registration Not Yet Available
16-Feb-2001 2,000 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Never Expires
The Complete Signal Processing Software Solution for WindowsDirectX host software.
Published by Arboretum Systems, Inc. Hyperprism-DX Home Page
Hyperprism-DX 2.5 is a complete collection of software DSP effects for Windows. With thirty five high-quality professional audio effects, Hyperprism-DX 2.5 works right inside any of the popular sound editing applications for Windows 95/98/NT using the Microsoft Direct X (Active Movie) plug-in format. Hyperprism deep realistic reverbs, ear-tingling Harmonic Exciter and Bass Maximizer, rich analog-sounding vocoding, pitch shift and ring modulation, fat resonant filters and unique stereo processes are used on chart-topping Celine Dion remixes, Everclear's platinum album and dozens of blockbuster films. The pros agree: No other software offers this

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