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30-Jun-2001 9,444 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Digital music Player, Recorder, Organizer (and much more) for Win9x/2000/Me/NT
Published by Open G threefifteen JUKEBOX Home Page
Plays MP3 (including CBR and VBR), WMA (including secure DRM files), WAV and CD audio. Rips CDs into MP3 (including CBR and VBR from 8-320 Kbps), WMA (5-160 Kbps) and WAV (44.1 Hz) files: 91 unique sample rates in total. Can create two files for each CD track (MP3 and WAV or WMA and WAV, or just one WAV file for each track). Provides many options for file naming and file directory structure. MP3 decoding and encoding technology is Fraunhofer. Supports most every CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD drive including ATAPI/IDE and SCSI drives. Includes Normal, Burst-Rate, Sector synchronization DAE modes and variable Block Count. Supports online CDDB2 to provide extended CD track and title info (song, artist, album, genre, date, notes, year for each CD track). Includes an embedded Online Links browser to provide in-depth info on CDs, MP3s and WMAs (links to band news, fan sites, liner notes, links to buy the music new or used, etc.). Includes an Internet Music Links Browser with 100+ preprogrammed links to sites to download and purchase music. Runs on a Microsoft Access database, so handling an extensive collection of up to 40,000 digital audio files is effective and efficient, depending of course on available memory and CPU. Provides unique features for dynamically searching the Music Library using any combination of song title, artist, album, genre, date or note fragment information, and also includes right-click options for working the Music Library, Playlist and all major functions. Supports Playlist creation, Continuous and Shuffle playback modes (shuffle all songs in Music Library or all songs in Playlist in one click). Also includes a Music History option to log all songs that have played, giving you the option to save those songs as a mix (playlist) or to add to a playlist. Also includes a Big Marquee that scrolls the song, artist and album for the song that's playing, viewable from across the room (resizable). Music Library import supports reading of ID3v2 and ID3v1 tags for MP3 files and ID3v2 for WMA files. MP3 files are edited using ID3v2. Software has a unique vintage jukebox interface. Update Music Library information for one or many songs at a time (updates basic info for ID3v2 tags for MP3 files). Threefifteen JUKEBOX's niche is being able to instantly search and queue up songs/albums from the Music Library and for being able to effectively handle even the largest collections of digital audio files. Purchasing the product entitles customer to free lifetime software upgrades. Software can be purchased online (www.threefifteen.net), by phone (800-656-5443) or by mail (see software for address). Customers can choose to either download the software or request to receive a CD in the mail. Customers ordering online or by phone instantly receive a serial code to unlock the software download. Runs on Win9x/Me/2000/NT.

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