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11-Jun-2006 3,708 K Win 98/2000/ME/XP Shareware
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Mobile DJ. Radio DJ. Club DJ. Bar DJ. Pub DJ. Whatever kind of DJ you are, liveDJpro is an essential tool for any DJ tool box. With six different Editions to choose from to suit your environment, it is the professional choice in audio broadcasting
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All venues. All DJs. liveDJpro has something for everyone. We are not the type to waste money by producing expensive graphics. It is the functionality that counts. Unique design concepts and years of development has resulted in a complete DJ software package that is easy to use, very scalable, and doesn't harm your bank account. With six different Editions to choose from to suit your environment, it is the professional choice in audio broadcasting.

It is the simple ideas that work the most effectively. Play around with up to 10* Players at a time, all with crystal clear audio. Keep two as the live Players and use another two for standby. The configuration is entirely up to you.

For the radio DJ, use the powerful Sample Players. With up to 100* Sample Banks and 200 Samples per Sample Bank, there will be no shortage of space.

Manage your media with up to 10* Playlists by building them quickly and easily. Use the Query windows to perform a search through 20,000 media files in less than five seconds. The media database keeps track of your activity so reporting can be done in a breeze.

liveDJpro utilizes over 100 context menus. Right click almost anything and you will find a feature-packed context menu. The help system is also context sensitive so you will always have help available if you need it.

Customize the keyboard controls in a matter of seconds using the on-screen keyboard and intelligent keyboard detection.

Intelligent drag and drop is fully supported. Drag from Playlist to Playlist, Query (your search results) to a Playlist, Playlist to Player, and Windows Explorer to Playlist. The possibilities are endless.

Other features include the powerful individual user control, multiple document interface, multiple soundcards and extensive history reporting.

* Window, Sample Bank and User limits are imposed depending on which Edition of liveDJpro you are using. The Trial Edition has no Window, Sample Bank or User limitations

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