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Version 2.41   Online Registration Not Yet Available
12-Apr-2001 2,566 K Win 98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Expires after 21 Days
An advanced and very powerful sound editor, recorder and effects processing package for Windows.
Published by HiSOFT Soundprobe Home Page
It is the perfect creative tool not only for manipulating and mixing multiple tracks of music but also to make outstanding and diverse sounds for use in multimedia and application development.

Soundprobe has been designed to enable complex editing of sounds in an intuitive and powerful environment. The interface uses all the standard Windows features such as toolbars, pop-up menus and keyboard shortcuts, giving you a friendly and uncluttered interface with power at your fingertips.

Everyone from dabblers to DJs will find Soundprobe to be the sound editor of their dreams. No slouch on low-spec machines, its ability to load and record sounds directly to hard disk or memory makes it lightning fast on high-end systems.

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