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27-Jan-1999 6,777 K Win 98/2000/ME/XP Shareware
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Touch screen friendly and PC compatible, full screen jukebox software supporting over 50,000 music or video files featuring multiple sound card support, perfect for full house audio systems!
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Command Cubes™ is a multi-media jukebox that works on a stand alone single PC, or within a home network distributed across multiple computer systems. But, it's specifically designed for use in the "Smart Homes" and "Home Theater PCs" of today. You will notice that the full screen "Viewer" is set up with large buttons in an easy-to-use format. This is because Command Cubes™ can be controlled with a wireless or mounted touch screen by using your fingers. However, a touch screen is not required; your standard mouse will work just as well.

Command Cubes allows the entire family to access the same media from different rooms, or "Zones". You can even customize your zones to set limits, set alarms, and create "party mode" features to lock out other users. Advanced users can assign different zones to multiple sound cards within the same PC or setup unique "Zones" on multiple PCs within your home network, making Command Cubes™ the perfect media jukebox solution within a home.

You will notice in the upper right corner of the "Viewer" that there is a button called "Home Center". This option is designed as a toggle between your "home media system" and your "home control system". Since the Command Cubes Viewer™ can be ran as "wrapper" around home control software such as HomeSeer™ and Premise Systems™ (which control lights, cameras, temperature, etc.), this "jukebox" can easily be turned into a complete home control system.

Command Cubes™ uses our exclusive patent pending Distributed Media Technology™, or DMT™. The benefits of using DMT are that you can manage and play your entire library of media files from single or even multiple computers within your home. Unlike other media players Command Cubes has no limit to the number of files it can handle-you are only limited by the hard drive space and memory of the server. In fact, Command Cubes has been tested successfully with over 50,000 audio and video files using a standard 1.6 MHZ PC and 500MB

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