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01-Nov-2003 627 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Low-cost live assist & automation broadcast playout system for radio & internet broadcasters. Also suitable for malls, supermarkets etc.
Published by StationPlaylist.com StationPlaylist Studio Home Page
A low-cost broadcast playout system with the following features:

* Automated and Live Assist mode.
* Continuous 24/7 play in automation mode.
* Microphone control.
* Manual & automatic Line-In control for external feeds.
* Schedule live feeds from external sources.
* Supports playing MP3 & OGG Internet streams for news feeds etc.
* Track Preview available on a second soundcard.
* Generate a "Playing Now" HTML web page or text file and optionally upload it to a remote web server via FTP.
* Schedule spots or events to occur at specific times.
* Up to 48 instant plays (carts) for jingles/sound effects etc.
* 12 personalised carts per user/announcer login.
* Password protection for changing options.
* Insert, delete & move tracks in the live playlist.
* Drag & drop tracks from Windows Explorer.
* Insert tracks by searching a portion of the artist and/or title.
* Automatic time-of-day announcement support (audio files not provided).
* Auto-start in automated mode after power failure.
* Detailed logging for royalty payments & advertisement billing.
* Single keystrokes for Start, Stop, Mic and more.
* Uses the powerful & robust Winamp audio engine.
* Advanced automatic crossfading for a professional sound.
* Internet broadcasting via free DSP plugins.
* Free sound processing/audio compressors/limiters available.
* Supports MP3,MP2,OGG Vorbis,WMA,WAV,AIFF & CDA audio file formats.
* No song database to maintain.
* Fully compatible with StationPlaylist Creator music scheduler.
* Schedule new playlists to be created automatically (with Creator).
* May run unattended in automation mode indefinitely (with Creator).

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