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08-Jan-2003 5,120 K Win 98/NT Shareware
Expires after 14 Days
A sound file database system with 'sounds-like' search feature. Select an audio file and SoundFisher finds other sounds that sound like it.
Published by Muscle Fish SoundFisher for Win Home Page
SoundFisher is a sound file database management system featuring 'sounds-like' search and retrieval. The system works best with short audio files (1 to 30 seconds each) as input. Add AIFF, WAV (uncompressed), SDII, and AU file formats to your SoundFisher database (sorry, no mp3 support, yet). It's a dream tool for pro sound designers, but it's also great for finding the perfect sounds to add to your movies. You import your sounds from local disk, network file systems, CD-ROMs, and the Internet. SoundFisher helps you sort and search for them by acoustic similarity. It's is the first audio database management system that lets you find sounds by giving examples that are similar to what you want. What is sounds-like search? Suppose you have a sound file of tires screeching around a corner, but it's not quite right for your needs. Let SoundFisher find other similar sounds in your library. Maybe it's another automotive clip; maybe it's the sound of a nighthawk; maybe it's the sound of a squeaky door being opened. Of course, SoundFisher also offers all the text-based queries you'd expect in a sound archiving system, but only SoundFisher brings you "sounds-like" searching. And, you can export retrieved sounds to many popular sound apps (editors, sequencers, etc.). SoundFisher has a familiar, browser-like look and feel. Try it free for 14 days. Go to the SoundFisher Web site -- http://www.soundfisher.com/download_free/ -- and download a free pre-built database, too (optional). Brought to you by Muscle Fish, the pioneers of advanced audio search technology.

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