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FlexiMusic Composer

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04-Sep-2002 3,728 K Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP Shareware
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Produce complete song by composing your samples and voice. Arrange your samples rhythmically and make small music cycle of looping melody. Sequence them on unlimited no of tracks to compose your complete music with lyrics.
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1) Using your sound beat samples and voice recordings, you can arrange in sequence, loop, music cycle to compose complete song/music.
2) You can use it as a multi-track wave editor to mix multiple wave file with the required timing and repeats.
3) You can arrange multiple beat samples as per timing to make samples of melody.

Unlimited no of tracks can be added as needed for mixing. There are two choices for sound source for tracks, that is wave source and music cycle. Play positions are shown as blocks, that you can drag using mouse to adjust the timings. You can adjust the volume, pan and height for each track separately. Additionally for individual play blocks you can set the side/pan and volume.

Music Cycle:
You arrange few beat samples (wave sources, as blocks) as per your rhythm timing to make a melody tunes cycles. Add no of repeats to loop it and adjust pan and volume to it. This music cycle can be placed on the tracks as a single block. This way you can adjust the whole music cycle on the tracker as one piece.

Wave Source:
Sound sources (placed on music cycles or directly on tracks) can have pitch shift, volume, pan and height trim adjustment. In case of lyrics voices it is better to directly place it on tracks as wave source. With pitch shift you can produce multiple key sounds using one source.

You can add all the sample wave files in your hard disk in to collections. Each type of sound like (i.e. drum, piano, guitar, voice etc; or from where they come from like CD, tape or record) can be placed as different groups in collections. These collections can be saved as a file to reuse in other composer files; additionally they can be saved as default collection so that they come with every new file. Those files specific to one song can be placed locally with in the composer file also.

Visible Waveforms:
All the waveforms are visible for easy composing. Waveform of wave samples in collections is shown in collection window. Waveform of wave source selected (after applying pitch shift, pan etc..) and the waveform of music cycle are shown in track source window. Each track's mixed output is shown with the respective track. Final output of all tracks mixed is shown at top of sequencer window.

Play select range / part play:
In all this process of making music, you can select a range (time range) and test play each part separately. This saves time of trial and error testing. And you can loop any part for testing with your defined loop delay.

Tick, Beat, Tempo:
You can use ticks time and beat time for easy adjusting of timings. Tick time (smallest time unit) can be adjusted and the no of ticks per beat also can be adjusted. There is a tempo percentage to adjust the tempo of the music.

You can save and open music composer file.
You can merger one file to other.
You can save the output (played, selected or full song) in to standard wave format file (*.wav). The quality of the output wave format (bit rate, sampling frequency and channel) can be set as required. If you would like to save to mp3 or wma format to compress and save, you can use any free utilities available in the Internet to convert from wav to mp3.

Wave output format supported:
Channel: Stereo and Mono
Sample size: 8 bits and 16 bits
Sample rate: 11025, 22050 and 44100 Hz.

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