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Version 3.3a   Online Registration Not Yet Available
21-Jul-2002 1,450 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
Never Expires
Fetches and manages music info from online databases. Keeps track of music copied from CD to other media. Unique "One Stop Artist Search" will show all albums for any particular artist, whether solo or multi-artist compilation album.
Published by HighRoad Software CD Czar Home Page
Among the many features of CD Czar, some unique:
1. Connects to the internet Freedb database to automatically enter information about the CD currently in your CD-ROM drive, including album, artist, genre, and tracks.
2. Conveniently keeps track of music copied from CD to other media.
3. Albums can be viewed in order of any of the fields in the Album grid by simply clicking on that field's header (including Label/Directory field so that you can see which albums you have included on your CD-R, Minidisc etc. or as audio files on your hard drive). The current sort order's header is highlighted.
4. Unique One Stop Artist Search will show all albums for any particular artist, whether solo album or multi-artist compilation.
5. Albums that are not in Freedb's database (or are on MP3 or other audio files, or on cassette or other format that can't be read by the CD-ROM drive), can probably still be entered without typing in the tracks by using the other online music databases to which CD Czar also links. You could use Cd Czar to manage, for example, a vinyl LP collection or MP3 files on your hard drive.
6. Uses industry standard "xBase" file format, so thousands of third party products can import CD Czar's data files, including the spreadsheet you already know how to use.
7. Includes Notes (memo) field which can contain any comments, info or links of any length.
8. Year and specific genre (not just pre-defined list) can be used and retrieved.
9. Plays your easily-created Playlist, or plays starting with any track. Can also seamlessly play albums for which you have only MP3 or other audio files.
10. Handles CD Extra (Enhanced CD) discs correctly.
11. Utility provided to import entries from the cdplayer.ini file that the Windows CD player and others use.
12, Easy archiving option
13. Use either TCP/IP (dialup) and HTTP (firewall) protocol to connect to Freedb
14. Tip of the Day option
15. Speedy, even if you have thousands of albums entered in the database!

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